Thats me

Hello! I am happy that you found your way to and that you are interested to get to know more about me and this Blog.

So my name is Julie and I am born and raised in Germany in a reasonably small city called Oberursel which is close to Frankfurt am Main (yes, the city with all the banks and the big airport).

Claiming that I always had the urge to travel would not be true as I was freaking scared of it when I was younger (and I even still am sometimes today). But after high school I wanted to see the world so I had no choice to throw myself at it. Thus, I did what a lot of people do after graduating high school – I worked and travelled through Australia.

Looking back this was probably the time that I was infected with the Wanderlust virus. It was also the time when I decided I want to work in a field that is not only about earning my monthly salary but that supports people who are in need of support. So I came across the field of Public Health and was fascinated by it ever since.

This Blog aims at telling two kind of stories:

Travel stories

When I travel I want to experience a country and culture as authentic as possible by trying to get in touch with the people living there. In my opinion a country cannot be understood without listening to its people. If you are interested in my travel adventures and looking for some tips here and there you are more than welcome.

Public Health stories

During my work abroad I have experienced so many things that I would have never expected before but that also brought me closer to a country and its people. So with my Public Health stories I am trying to cover some issues, adventures and of course throw backs I experienced during my work in this field.

Why Eluphant?

When I think about elephants I think about patience, empathy, endurance and joy – characteristics which are essential for my work and often during travelling. So I did not have to think twice on how to name this project. Why the funny spelling? My sister and me cry out Eluphaaant whenever we see something about this amayzing creatures especially when baby elephants are involved. And come on – who doesn’t like baby elephants??

So if you are not bored to death already, please be my guest! I hope you will enjoy this Blog!